Slug string maker


function slugger($n){

$n = preg_replace('/\%/',' percentage',$n); 
$n = preg_replace('/\@/',' at ',$n); 
$n = preg_replace('/\&/',' and ',$n); 
$n = preg_replace('/\s[\s]+/','-',$n);    // Strip off multiple spaces 
$n = preg_replace('/[\s\W]+/','-',$n);    // Strip off spaces and non-alpha-numeric 
$n = preg_replace('/^[\-]+/','',$n); // Strip off the starting hyphens 
$n = preg_replace('/[\-]+$/','',$n); // // Strip off the ending hyphens 
$n = strtolower($n); 

return $n

echo slugger("This is the string to be made SEO friendly!")



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